The Inevitable Shame Of Narcissistic Abuse

See the woman in the picture? That looked like me for a very long time. There I was; anxious, distressed, and in rapidly declining health. But it didn’t make sense; what was wrong with me? I was still reasonably young and my life should have been glamorous by any definition. I might even have appeared to have everything a girl could ever want. So what was the problem?

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Treadmill Starter Guide: 9 Easy Steps to Feeling Fit

If you can possibly afford it, I absolutely recommend buying your own electric treadmill. You know why? Because it works. In so many ways. I mean, it’s damn near impossible just getting yourself out of bed at 5am anyway, so having this key piece of cardio equipment at home means you’re always only 5-10 minutes away from the start of your daily workout.

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Apple Carrot Ginger Juice

Apple Carrot & Ginger Juice

Fresh Apple Carrot & Ginger Juice is a mildly sweet and spicy blend of raw fruits and vegetables. It forms a light froth on top just after juicing (mmm! I like this part) and is deliciously easy to drink. Kids love it too, so it’s a great alternative to store-bought, pre-packaged and pre-sweetened juices.

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fitness after 40 tactics

Fitness After 40: The Essential Tactics Explained

Let’s face it; after 40 especially, everything about your body starts to slow down, pile up and drift south. And there’s absolutely nothing out there that’s going to magically transform your overall health and fitness levels from lumpy-and-lethargic into firm-and-feel-good fitness. You’ve tried the latest fad diets, the new miracle exercise ball, and maybe even practiced positive visualization. And you’re living proof that none of it works.

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