There is almost nothing more humbling than living with relentless, incurable pain and debilitating illness with no name.

This site is dedicated to recovery from sustained emotional and psychological abuse and the restoration of physical health, mental wellness and financial stability. Using food and exercise as daily medicine, it also aims to serve as a guide to ageing vibrantly by consuming less and moving more.

Inspired by the true story of one woman’s leap to rescue her life and recover her best self in the process, it is a collection of observations and resources that work brilliantly, but also take work.

The hope is to nurture and encourage you on your journey to a new you, the you you’d be if you could do it all differently and live your best self with ease.

Because you can. It’s not too late. Few things make a woman feel as good about herself as when she looks her best, is independent and feels healthy and strong.

Especially as we age.

This site was born from a journey to death’s ‘hood and back.

Available Support Sessions (referral programs):

  • NPD Abuse Validation & Recovery Mission
  • Route to Wellness Food & Exercise Program
  • Skills To Support Yourself Financially

Email info@selarockwell.com to request a session.